Diane graduated from Rhodes University in 1973 with a B. Fine Arts (Honours) Majoring in Painting. She has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions in South Africa. A number of her works have been incorporated into South African public and   international private collections in, amongst others: Namibia, Great Britain, Norway, New Zealand , the USA, Germany and Japan. Diane works in water colour and acrylic and is a book illustrator. In 1998 she achieved Associateship in the Water Colour Society of Southern Africa (WSSA). From 2004 to 2006 Diane was recognised for the best work in acrylic at the SASA Annual Exhibitions and highly commended for etching on two occasions. In 2006 she became a Fellow of S.A.Society of artists. In 2008 she took up residence in the Cite, Paris.

Artist’s statement

The primary motivation in my work is the exploration of light. It could be light from the side describing the forms and textures of a still life; diffused light from a skylight caressing the flesh of a nude in a studio; or a landscape illuminated by the light unique to our part of the world. After all, it is with light that our surroundings become visible and are given form.