Anna Stone

I really enjoy working with soft pastel and I experimented

a lot using different kinds of materials for example, soft pastel on cotton twirl, dyed canvas, hemp and on toned paper. I can really express myself with Charcoal and Conte on white Fabriano paper. It’s so energetic and fast and one gets that immediate satisfaction. I’ve done a lot of figure drawing sessions with Carl Jeppe and am inspired by William Kentridge.

I also work with oils on canvas, glass and wood, and am influenced by the pastel painters from the late 1800’s. They used a technique, using a water-based paint, gouache with pastel on toned fabric. I’m using the same technique on dyed canvas. I enjoy doing portraits the most and using objects or clothing which tell you something about the sitter. I also love to draw animals and their relationship with people. I came to the Karoo to work and to be inspired by a different landscape, ways of being, interesting people and new experiences.