Anya Adendorff

“From the time I started my career in the

architectural profession my hand kept journeying into art and about a decade later, in 2007, I committed to pursuing art full time.

My architectural thinking has had a significant influence on my process as I find myself drawn into the relationship between line and form, the two dimensional and three dimensional and the graphic to realistic expression. This play with line and form is reflected in my works on canvas.

As a self taught artist, experimenting in different mediums and expressions has been a way of learning and a necessary step in my overall process.

This complex and sometimes divergent approach has resulted in many varied snippets of paintings, drawings, photographs and quirky experiments, many of which are discarded and never see the light of day.

In my most recent works I’m allowing each new snippet to have a place as I seek to bring my process into an unconstrained progression of works.”