At the age of 32 Coutouvidis enrolled as a mature student in the fine arts dept of Rhodes university graduating four years  later with a bachelor of fine arts degree. George combines his passion for the old masters be it Rembrandt, Valasquez, Delacroix and a host of others with his love of history – the Russian revolution, the Boer war or WW I( The Last Cuppa)etc or his interest in socio-economic, (his painting “the Gleaners” a fine example) geo-physical (penguins floating into Venice on an iceberg) political (Malema in his little lion suit adrift on an island with Table mountain behind) sometimes incorporating Disney characters and a host of animals.

Coutouvidis’s unmistakeable work which is almost exclusively oil on canvas (with some charcoal on paper) has been described as “post modern cartoonism”. His distinctive statements, style and palette are unique and make his work highly sought after.