Hekkie Moos

Hekkie Moos was born in Oudtshoorn in 1940,

and in 1961 he took the job of English teacher and Art lecturer at Prince Albert Primary School. In 1963 he exhibited in the Third Cape Art Salon and in 1969 he furthered his studies under Amos Langdon, and then returned to the Prince Albert community and his teaching. “The spontaneity with which children draw and use colour amazes me. In addition, they often have x-ray eyes in noticing things.”

As Moos feels the urge to draw, he will make use of any piece op paper at hand – from a cash receipt to a cigarette box and sketch the people around him. He enjoys drawing with ball-point pen and he paints mainly in ink and pastel. Moos’ unique work has been exhibited in many national and overseas shows and continues to be held in high esteem by fellow artists.

Sadly no longer with us Hekkie Moos told human stories of of love, joy, sadness, longing, despair mainly through finely crafted drawings on unusual surfaces for traditional art – often cigarette boxes, envelopes or paper scarps. Using many different mediums.