Janet Dirksen

Emotional landscapes are portrayed using an Abstract

Impressionist style, of the kind inspired by Turner. I paint poetically instead of simply realistically. I aim to express what is not visible, rather than what is. The imagination is more powerful and engaging than just reproducing what we can see.

The landscape can become evocative of subtle emotions through the conveyance of light, form and colour. Colour is simplified with light, line, rhythm and shape like music constituting an inherent language.

Paintings should be inspired by nature, but made in the soul of the artist. Strong gestural and painterly brushmarks and tactile surfaces form largely abstracted areas, contrasted with fine intimate details and delicate nuanced patinas. The subject matter explores man’s influence and connection with nature, the sky and earth. This is expressed by using an atmospheric effect.

The finished painting is evolved through the application of many layers of paint. “Accidents “ of the work enable the process to go deeper, and refresh the art intuitively to find a more authentic voice. The works are vehicles for contemplation or meditation. They create space for the viewers spiritual activity.