My Approach
“I work primarily in oil and use the technique to explore aspects of the landscape around me. What interests me particularly are the marks left by man on the land and in some ways, my work is a record of the passage of man over the landscape. I would classify my works as realist in a similar vein to the nineteenth century movement. The work is largely a reflection of reality rather than any form of Romanticism.”

“The theme is broadly mans’ mark on the land and the issues of land ownership and exploitation as well as regional history and myth. The etchings explore line and tone through a range of intaglio techniques. Technique and medium are very important and cannot be separated from iconology.”

Rhodes University, Bachelor of Fine Art with distinction in painting

2014 Pause; the annual wildlife exhibition at The Cape Gallery
2011 Annual wild life exhibition at The Cape Gallery
Solo Exhibitions – 1995 Grahamstown, Many solo exhibitions at the Grahamstown Festival and in P.E
Group Exhibitions – 2002 Numerous, for example, the Salted Lines exhibition and others since 1987

Etching, mixed media, oil